Turbine engine vibration surveys with DynaVibe


Low-Cost Turbine Vibration Surveys In Seconds, Not Minutes!

Optical tracker on windscreen with suction Cup


Flat Sensor Response

DynaVibe's rugged, low-cost, high-frequency accelerometers are designed for flat frequency responses at high frequencies and exhibit virtually no resonance frequency error from the custom-engineered sensor and "buzz-proof" connectors up to 24 kHz.

AgCat Vibration Survey - Turbine Engine

Shorter Runups

Ultra-fast Data Acquisition

All data acquisition is complete in seconds. This results in shorter run-ups and enables multiple data acquisition sets per run to capture vibration fluctuations.

DynaVibe Vibration Survey Kit for Turbine Aircraft Engines


Accessory Kit $995

The DynaVibe vibration survey accessory kit works with the DynaVibe GX3 advanced vibration analyzer. This provides a complete vibration survey solution for under $6,000 USD.