When balancing isn't enough...

What should you do when a dynamic propeller balancing doesn’t eliminate vibrations in an airplane? Full-spectrum vibration analysis is sometimes required to identify and correct complex vibrations. Left unresolved, high vibration levels affect the longevity of critical engine components, instruments, and the airframe, and in serious cases lead to premature failures. It’s important to isolate and eliminate sources of vibration.

Most issues can be identified by their frequencies. The DynaVibe GX series has multiple modes to help you identify vibration sources and mechanical issues.

Engine Vibration Spectral Analysis with the DynaVibe GX

Spectral Analysis

Harmonic Markers

Real-time graphing with harmonic markers makes frequency identification quick and easy.

Vibration vs RPM


Graph vibration magnitude versus RPM to identify resonance frequencies and vibration issues.

DynaVibe Vibration Survey Kit for Turbine Aircraft Engines


DynaVibe GX Series

Vibration analysis modes are included in the GX series of advanced balancers with pricing starting at just $3,995 USD.